• MuSa - Museum of Salò

MuSa - Museum of Salò

MuSa - Museum of Salò

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MuSa - Museum of Salò

The MuSa is the Museum of Salò, and is a recently formed building. Inaugurated in August 2015, today it is home to important monsters with masterpieces of rare beauty.
The ground floor of the MuSa is composed of two rooms, inside which the ancient instruments of the Pio Bettoni Meteo-Seismic Observatory of Salò, established in 1877 in the tower of Santa Giustina and still operational through collaborations with institutions.
On the first floor, in the spaces of the church of Santa Giustina, the itinerary illustrates, through 9 protagonists of the Salodian events, some of the characters and fundamental moments of the city's history, from the Humanism of Iacopo Bonfadio to the decisive contribution to the history and myth of violin making by Gasparo Bertolotti, up to the great Salodian scientists and the tragic epilogue of Mussolini and CSR.
On the second floor, on the other hand, there are objects, documents and works of art that tell the troubled period following the fall of Venice, marked by the struggles of the Risorgimento and the need to reinvent the identity of the city deprived of ancient privileges, up to the birth of the tourism and the twentieth century, marked by the presence of Gabriele d'Annunzio.
In the third level, a rotating selection of the sheets of the Civic Collection of Drawing is exhibited, an exceptional institution in Italy for the size of the collection, for the quality and for its public nature: in 1983 a committee of private citizens set up a stable collection fund with the aim of collecting graphic evidence of Italian art from the second post-war period to today.

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