• Busatte Tempesta path, a scenic walk across Lake Garda

Busatte Tempesta path, a scenic walk across Lake Garda

Busatte Tempesta path, a scenic walk across Lake Garda

Busatte Tempesta path, a scenic walk across Lake Garda.

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Busatte Tempesta Path, panoramic walk on Lake Garda

The Busatte Tempesta Path is a nature trail considered as a real "terrace on Lake Garda" and was inaugurated in 2005.
This beautiful excursion can be undertaken from two starting points: starting from Busatte Park, above Torbole and descending towards Tempesta or starting from Tempesta and going up towards Busatte.
The walk lasts about an hour and a half each way, offering a splendid view of Lake Garda along the way.
If you decide to start from above, therefore from Busatte, it is important to take the right path, following the road that is next to the Busatte Restaurant, leaving it on your left.

The path is of recent construction and the changes in level are easily overcome by means of a long iron staircase set directly into the rock, making the itinerary truly impressive.
The total length of the round trip is about 11km, with a difference in height of 300 meters.

The Variant for experts

Before returning to Busatte, on the way back, you can take the forest road and proceed along a path that winds through the woods and joins the "Paloni Bassi" path. This path is passable but is intended for the more experienced: two hours of walking more and no signs (therefore recommended for experts).

What to know before taking the Busatte Tempesta itinerary

The Busatte Tempesta panoramic path is about 5km long, there are 3 panoramic stairways and there are about 400 steps to go.
It is important to know that there are no refreshment points, bars or restaurants, so it is important to bring water and food for the journey. You can walk with dogs if they are used to climbing steps.
It is not suitable for very young children, and it takes half a day to do this excursion.

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