• Isola del Garda ☀️ Lake Garda

Isola del Garda ☀️ Lake Garda

Isola del Garda ☀️ Lake Garda

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The island is located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda, a few feet of water from San Felice del Benaco.

Today it owes its charm to the extraordinary Venetian neo-Gothic style villa, designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli in the early 1900s; an imposing harmonic construction, rich in surprising architectural details.

It boasts a beautiful eighteenth-century canvas by Carlo Carloni.

At its foot terraces and Italian gardens slope down to the lake. All around the vegetation is luxuriant and intact, rich in local and exotic plants, rare essences and unique flowers.

On the central terrace in front of the Villa, the garden is in a classic Italian style with expertly modeled hedges representing various figures including the coat of arms of the De Ferrari family who gave life to the garden.

Next to the villa, palm trees from the Canaries grow. On the lower terrace, by the lake, there are fruit trees such as persimmons, lemons, pears, pomegranates, olives, oranges, grapefruits, prickly pears, jujubes and capers.

There are also pink Chinese roses, the Lady Hillingdon rose, the yellow Banksia rose, the valerian, the bougainvillea and many other plants and flowers of rare beauty.

The most evocative and wild part is found in the flat area of ​​the island, where there are evergreen cypresses, swamp cypresses, deciduous oaks, cedars, poplars, laurels, plane trees, firs and pines of various species mixed with more typically shrubs and essences Mediterranean.

This park still remains a well-kept secret, only recently open to the sensitivity of visitors.

Where to stay overnight:

✅ Farm holidays near the Garda Island

✅ B&B near the Garda Island

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Agriturismo - Where to stay overnight:

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