• Cima Comer, Lake Garda seen from 1279 meters high

Cima Comer, Lake Garda seen from 1279 meters high

Cima Comer, Lake Garda seen from 1279 meters high

Cima Comer, Lake Garda seen from 1279 meters high.

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Cima Comer, Lake Garda seen from 1279m high

Cima Comer is one of the many panoramic points that offers a wonderful view of Lake Garda.
Cima Comer is located on the Brescia side at 1279 meters above sea level.
It is a panoramic point easily recognizable thanks to its massive balcony equipped with a balustrade and wooden benches. From here you can look out comfortably to enjoy a suggestive view of the southern shore of Lake Garda.

Even the same hiking trail to reach the top offers a breathtaking view of Lake Garda.
The path n. 31, which originates in the locality of Sasso, above Gargnano, also allows a detour of ten minutes towards the Eremo San Valentino, a structure that is absolutely worth visiting.
From here, you can take the road to the summit through a hiking trail marked for experts, as it is very steep and equipped with metal ropes to facilitate the climb.
For those who decide not to take this route, it is possible to return to the crossroads and proceed along path 31.

Length and duration of the path to Cima Comer

To reach the summit, it is necessary to travel 8km, all strictly uphill.
If you proceed keeping a normal pace, the walk to Cima Comer in the Alto Garda Bresciano takes an average of two and a half hours, just short of the subsequent descent.

How to get to Cima Comer

The excursion to Cima Comer, located on the Brescia side of Lake Garda above Gargnano, starts in the locality Sasso.
You reach Gargnano by means of the Gardesana state road and then take the SP9 for 7km, then proceed to the sign for Sasso and then follow the road for about another kilometer and a half.
Once in Sasso, you can leave your car near the village bar and start the walk.
It is important to know that the difference in altitude is quite challenging, as Sasso is located at 484 meters above sea level, while the summit we wish to reach is located at 1279 meters above sea level.

The effort of the walk, however, is rewarded by the unique and exciting view that can be seen once you reach the destination and the panoramic observatory on Lake Garda.
After crossing the small town of Sasso, take the path n. 31, thus entering a beautiful wood. The ground is stony and for this reason it is recommended to use shoes suitable for trekking.
The walk then continues in the woods and among the olive trees until you reach a bar, the only and last of the walk.
In this stretch you walk for about a kilometer on the flat and under the solo and then resume the climb which becomes even faster and more demanding.

In some places, you need to help yourself by sticking to the plants, especially if the ground looks slippery and perhaps following rainy days.
This stretch, unlike the previous one, becomes narrow and you can proceed only one at a time.
This leads to a crossroads, where it is possible to reach the Hermitage San Valentino in about 10 minutes on foot, located at 770 meters above sea level.
This small detour is highly recommended, especially for the peace and atmosphere that this place offers.

This leads to a first panoramic observatory: a terrace overlooking Lake Garda which offers a wide view from Sirmione to Riva del Garda.
From here you can continue to reach the Cross located on the top of Mount.
The panoramic observatory of Cima Comer offers ample space (even in the shade) where you can rest before going back.

Useful tips for the excursion to Cima Comer

It is strongly recommended to equip yourself with water and food before starting the excursion, as once you reach the summit there are no refreshments.
The walk to Cima Comer, above Gargnano in the Alto Garda Bresciano, is suitable for people with a minimum of training.
Better to use suitable shoes, for example, in some sections of the route, sneakers are not really recommended, much better than simple trekking shoes.
The path, even on holidays, is not particularly crowded and you can walk it in complete tranquility, however the only problem is the Gardesana state road, which is always beaten over the weekends and therefore very busy. The risk of coming back tired and queuing for hours in the car is to be strongly kept in mind.

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