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Tignale ☀️ Lake Garda (what to see, info, beaches)

Tignale ☀️ Lake Garda (what to see, info, beaches)

Tignale and the Hermitage of Montecastello, pearls of the Alto Garda Park in Brescia.

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Tignale on Lake Garda

Located on a green plateau planted with olive trees and orchards, between breathtaking views and terraces overlooking the lake, the Municipality of Tignale winds through six hamlets, all between 500 and 600 meters above sea level. Lake, hills and mountains characterize the geography of the places and offer enchanting scenery: on one side the rugged gorge of the S. Michele stream, on the other the characteristic terraces that stretch from Piovere to Oldesio, planted with olive trees; in the hinterland, meadows, woods, wide valleys; on the lake, close to the rocky walls, the small port where there is the suggestive Prà del la Fam lemon house, now used as a museum, where it is still possible to observe the different phases of the ancient citrus cultivation.
Tignale has had an adventurous and often contrasted history, precisely because of the obvious strategic importance of its position. It is still possible to see numerous military works, some of which are in excellent condition. After the Second World War, the process of transformation of the current economy began, which today gravitates around the tourist phenomenon and is now far from that of past centuries which relied solely on the cultivation and exploitation of the earth's resources and on livestock.
We can speak in particular of "green tourism" which offers the opportunity to practice any sport related to the environment, from sailing to mountain biking, hiking and canyoning. Among the places of great interest we note the Museum - Visitor Center of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park and the Sanctuary of Montecastello, home to spiritual exercises, from whose rocky peak you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole lower lake and Mount Baldo.

What to see in Tignale

The peculiarity of the municipality of Tignale (typical, among other things, of many other municipalities of the upper Garda area) is the fact that it consists of 6 hamlets, none of which bear the name of Tignale: Gardola (seat of the town hall), Piovere, Prabione, Aer, Olzano and Oldesio.
In its municipal area there is the sanctuary of Montecastello, which stands on a spike of rock overlooking the lake and with a wonderful view. With its spirituality it is one of the most evocative sacred places of Garda, known for its history and for its architectural, artistic and landscape beauty. For centuries it has been a place of pilgrimage and devotion.
In Tignale, in the hamlet of Prabione, there is also the Museum of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park, a path that allows you to immerse yourself in the variety of the Garda environment and approach traditional activities, from fishing to the cultivation of lemons and olive trees, from agriculture mountain to artisanal productions.

The most famous monument in Tignale is the Sanctuary of Montecastello, a real masterpiece that is located sheer above Lake Garda and built on a rock spike, reachable after a short walk.
The panorama that opens from this position is one of the pearls that I absolutely recommend not to miss if you are planning a trip to these parts. From here you can in fact observe the Monte Baldo opposite, the Sirmione peninsula south of the lake that goes into it, as well as the many small promontories that become absolutely recognizable by taking a look right from here.
The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Monte Castello was built on the ruins of an ancient temple which was later transformed into a castle and which, still today, houses a small temple (the Holy House) dating back to 800 AD. As for the church, it is a real piece of history, built in 1599 and which is now a religious symbol of a territory that once remained almost unknown, certainly not very popular. It can be found open from March to October.

Tignale is located at 555 meters above sea level but its territory "reaches" as far as the shores of the lake: in fact, here is also the Port of Tignale, a real gem of the village north of Benaco, which is called Pra 'de la Fam.
Next to it is the second "piece of history" of the place: the Limonaia Pra 'de la Fam.
As you well know, Lake Garda is famous for being a historical area used for the cultivation of lemons and citrus fruits, the Limonia Pra 'de la Fam is in fact one of these: a real garden with pillars lined up and useful for the cultivation of lemons. , which still come to life in the annual cultivation period.
Free and free visits are available on certain days of the week, with the possibility of accompanying them with tastings of typical products based on lemons.

Tignale is one of the best representatives of the Alto Garda Park, an area full of military trails that today have become true symbols of lake trekking that mix history, sport and breathtaking views.
There are also various possibilities here for mountain bike enthusiasts, thanks to the possibility of cycling on several dirt and non-dirt paths. You can go from the hills to the real mountains up to 1600 meters high, immersed in the flora and fauna of the place. It is also possible to book tours that will also take you to Tremosine.

Beaches of Gargnano

  • Spiaggia libera Tignale - go to the beach
  • Porto di Pra (Tignale) - go to the beach

  • ➡️ Map of the Beaches of Lake Garda

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