• Sanctuary of Montecastello ☀️ Lake Garda

Sanctuary of Montecastello ☀️ Lake Garda

Sanctuary of Montecastello ☀️ Lake Garda

The Sanctuary of Montecastello di Tignale on Lake Garda, splendid views and the peace of the Sanctuary

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Above a limestone spike overlooking the lake, the monument par excellence of Tignale dominates: the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Montecastello. From its elevated position, the visitor can see totally unique and amazing panoramas, ranging from the high peaks of Monte Baldo to the peninsula of Sirmione, obviously not to forget all the landscapes that embrace Lake Garda.

The Sanctuary has been recently restored and is one of the best known and most popular sacred places in the whole of Garda thanks to its architectural and scenic beauty.

Over time, the structure has undergone numerous changes: shaped from the ruins of an ancient temple and then transformed into a castle, it now houses a small temple dating back to 800 AD. (or so it is assumed) known as "Casa Santa".
Frescoes from the Giottesca school decorate the interior of the sacred place, and among the many, the largest ex voto in Europe, dating back to the early 1600s, is kept.
The Sanctuary of Montecastello (Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella) owes its name to the miraculous apparition of a "Stella" which ended a bloody battle which took place in Tignale in 1200.

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