• Borghetto, a small jewel crossed by the Mincio

Borghetto, a small jewel crossed by the Mincio

Borghetto, a small jewel crossed by the Mincio

Borghetto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, near the Mincio

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Borghetto is certainly the best known hamlet of Valeggio sul Mincio for several reasons - historical, scenic and monumental - that make this place so interesting that it boasts its recent inclusion in the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

This small village, born in symbiosis with the Mincio river and characterized by ancient fortifications dating back to the medieval period, owes its charm to the harmonious relationship that history and nature have preserved almost intact over the centuries and today represents an urban "unicum" to visit at least once in a lifetime.

The oldest center of the hamlet still maintains the characteristic aspect of the "medieval village" intact today, underlined by the presence of the bell tower, by the wheels of the water mills (once used for the milling of wheat and cereals) and by the fortresses of the Visconteo Bridge, an extraordinary fortified dam built in 1393 at the behest of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, in order to guarantee the impenetrability of the eastern borders of the duchy.

650mt long. and about 25mt wide, with the road surface 9mt. above the level of the river, the "Ponte Lungo" (so commonly called by the inhabitants) connects with the overhanging Scaliger Castle through two high crenellated curtains and integrated into a fortified complex called "Serraglio", which in its time, extended for about 16 Km., Up to the plains of Nogarole Rocca.

The scenographic presence of the Visconteo Bridge and the Scaligero Castle together with the pleasant natural context and places of historical value undoubtedly make Borghetto a popular tourist destination. Along the banks of the Mincio you can spend pleasant days immersed in the quiet and tranquility of its silent streets, visiting the small Church of San Marco Evangelista (18th century), built on the remains of a previous 11th century Romanesque church. and observing the mysterious statue of St. John Nepumoceno, which tradition has it that it protects those who fall into the river from drowning.

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