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Lazise ☀️ Lake Garda (what to see, info, beaches)

Lazise ☀️ Lake Garda (what to see, info, beaches)

What to do and see in Lazise. Also, discover the most beautiful beaches of Lazise.

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History of Lazise

Lazise was founded by the ancient Romans.
The current name of the city in fact derives from the Latin Lasitium, then laceses which means lake place.
In the Middle Ages Lazise was the first free commune of Garda and in the 10th century it was one of the richest commercial centers in the whole area.
Its importance earned it a special right of fishing, granted by the Emperor in addition to the right of fortification and toll.
Its oldest nucleus is clearly medieval, surrounded by the beautiful walls built by the Scaligeri in the century. XIV, the fortress and the Scaligero Castle.

What to do in Lazise

Those who choose to take a holiday in Lazise on eastern Lake Garda do so not only because they love the beach life and water sports, but also for the particular atmosphere and the aesthetic taste that hovers here.
In the summer months, adults and children can have fun in the water parks and theme parks, the Natura Viva Park Safari Zoo in Bussolengo, while those who love wellness in the Villa dei Cedri thermal park.
Its beautiful lakefront recalls Piazza San Marco in Venice.
Along the arcades of Lazise there are houses, bars, restaurants and shops that also continue into the characteristic alleys, some of which retain the name of "calle".
The walk that Lazise offers is certainly one of the most beautiful walks in the whole of Lake Garda. Picturesque corners can also be found in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and at the marina, still animated by the fishing boats.
Those who love the beach life can choose from some beautiful beaches.

Venetian Customs of Lazise

Built in the fourteenth century, the Venetian Customs House of Lazise had various destinations according to the historical period.
Control point for goods entering and leaving the Venetian territory, plant for the spinning of cotton, market, arsenal, production center of the nitro necessary for the composition of gunpowder, Casa del Fascio.
After the restoration in 1973 it hosts exhibitions and cultural initiatives, as well as weddings.
The Dogana Veneta, due to the Veronese architecture of the past centuries, is a completely unique building in its shapes and sizes: 43.10 m long and 23.50 m wide, on average high m. 10, has two arches, 8.75 m wide at the base, offering a truly powerful appearance.

The Castle of Lazise

The Castle of Lazise, ​​built before the year 1000 to defend the Hungarian raids, was remodeled and fortified several times, remains one of the best preserved Garda castles. It has a square plan, with five towers and a keep.
At the two entrances, at the top of the keep, the coats of arms of the Scaligeri are still visible, chiseled by the Emperor Maximilian to satisfy the hatred of the inhabitants of Lazise for the power exercised by force by the Scaligeri.

Churches to visit in Lazise

The church of Saints Zeno and Martino dates back to 1200 and is dedicated to S. Zeno, protector of the Veronese church, of waters and fishing.
At the end of the eighteenth century it was rebuilt on a project first by the architect Luigi Trezza, then by Francesco Ronzani and houses the altarpiece of San Martino (1828) by C. Dusi, and the Via Crucis (1831) by P. Testoni; the statues on the pediment of the facade are by A. Spiazzi.
The church of S. Nicolò was built on the port in the century. XII dedicated to S. Nicolò da Bari, venerated in the Middle Ages as the protector of schools and sailors. Enlarged in the century. XVI, was over time, warehouse, barracks, home, theater and cinema.
Returned to worship in 1953, also as a War Memorial, it bears on the outside of the wall north the fourteenth-century fresco of the Madonna enthroned with the Child.
During the summer tourist season it is now reserved for evangelical worship.

Source: Tuttogarda.it

Beaches of Lazise

  • Spiaggia La Bosca (Lazise) - go to the beach
  • Spiaggia Fossalta (Lazise) - go to the beach
  • Spiaggia del Camping La Quercia (Lazise) - go to the beach
  • Spiaggia di Lazise - go to the beach
  • La Spiaggia D’Oro (Lazise) - go to the beach
  • Lido la Marra (Lazise) - go to the beach

  • ➡️ Map of the Beaches of Lake Garda

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    Beaches near Lazise

    Spiaggia La Cavalla

    Garda (Verona)

    Spiaggia d'Oro

    Lazise (Verona)

    Spiaggia Lido delle Bionde

    Sirmione (Brescia)

    Braccobaldo Beach

    Peschiera del Garda (Verona)

    Lido Cappuccini

    Peschiera del Garda (Verona)

    Spiaggia Lido ai Pioppi

    Peschiera del Garda (Verona)

    Lido Campanello

    Peschiera del Garda (Verona)

    Lido Ronchi

    Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona)

    Spiaggia Porto di Pacengo

    Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona)

    Spiaggia della Guglia

    Castelnuovo del Garda (Verona)

    Spiaggia La Bosca

    Lazise (Verona)

    Spiaggia Cisano

    Bardolino (Verona)

    Spiaggia Lido di Cisano

    Bardolino (Verona)

    Lido Mirabello Beach

    Bardolino (Verona)

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