• Valeggio and its Scaligero castle

Valeggio and its Scaligero castle

Valeggio and its Scaligero castle

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The Scaligero Castle, from the top of the hill on which it stands, dominates Valeggio and the entire Mincio valley, while maintaining the striking grandeur of the medieval fortifications of the fourteenth century.

Of its oldest part, almost completely razed to the ground by the earthquake of 1117, only the Torre Tonda remains, a unique horseshoe-shaped construction from the 10th century. which together with other three formed a fortification with a trapezoidal plan, adapted to the morphology of the territory. The part currently open to the public was originally called the "Rocca" and was accessed via two drawbridges. A third bridge, the only one still existing, led to the largest part of the complex, called the "Castle" of which only the ruins of the perimeter walls remain. The internal area is now occupied by a private villa, built in the early 1900s (Villa Nuvoloni - Sberna).

A legend full of mystery and blood hovers between the towers of the castle. A history of arms that sees the protagonist of the ancient castellan of the manor, Messer Andriolo da Parma and the troops of the Scaligeri and Carraresi.

The passage of time, wars and human neglect have progressively damaged this ancient monument. Only in recent decades has the work of protecting and reconstructing our very particular historical heritage started. Currently, during the summer, open-air show and cinema evenings are organized in the evocative setting of the internal courtyard.

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