• Ossuary of Custoza

Ossuary of Custoza

Ossuary of Custoza

The Ossuary of Custoza, the most important monument for the Italian historical memory.

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The Ossuary of Custoza, the most important monument for Italian historical memory

The Ossuary of Custoza stands on the Belvedere Hill, the ossuary was inaugurated in 1879 by Amedeo di Savoia, Duke of Aosta in order to collect the bones of the Italian and Austrian soldiers who died during the wars of independence of 1848 and 1866.
It was strongly desired by its promoter Don Gaetano Pivatelli, parish priest of the town, who had wanted a place worthy of welcoming the mortal remains of the fallen of the two battles.
The work, following a national competition in which engineers and architects presented 82 projects, was commissioned to Giacomo Franco, the Veronese architect who created this monumental work.

The monument is an octagonal temple with four main and four minor sides, surmounted by an obelisk that reaches 38 meters in height.
The architectural work is divided into three parts: the Chapel, the Crypt and the Gallery.
Inside, there is a chapel with an altar, behind which a staircase leads to the crypt which houses the bones of Italian and Austrian soldiers.
Upstairs, a balustrade loggia overlooks a particularly suggestive panoramic point, which allows you to observe the entire surrounding area between the Adige Valley and the Po valley.
The Ossuary of Custoza is the most important monument for the historical memory of the town.

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