• Monte Baldo, the ''Garden of Europe''

Monte Baldo, the ''Garden of Europe''

Monte Baldo, the ''Garden of Europe''

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The Monte Baldo is a mountain massif with a maximum height of 2218 meters between the provinces of Trento Verona; whose extension is divided between the territories of the municipalities of San Zeno di Montagna, Ala, Avio, Caprino Veronese, Ferrara di Monte Baldo, Brentonico , Nago–Torbole, Brenzone and Malcesine.

The main ridge runs north east - south west, and has as its natural boundaries the plain to the south which begins at Caprino Veronese, to the west Lake Garda running parallel for 40km along its ridge, to the north the valley that connects Rovereto to Nago-Torbole and Vallagarina to the east.

The main chain is made up of two parts, Monte Baldo and Monte Altissimo, which remains isolated. The peaks, starting from the south, are the Creste di Naole (1660 m), the Costabella ridge (2062 m), the Coal Santo (2072 m), the Buse peak (2154 m), the Sascaga peak (2134 m) , Punta Telegrafo (2200 m), Punta Pettorina (2191 m), Valdritta peak (2218 m), Longino peak (2180 m), Pozzette peak (2128 m), Dos della Colma (1830 m) and the Altissimo (2078 m).

Seen from the south, on a clear winter day, Monte Baldo appears in all its grandeur with a pure white hat, while its slopes are now warmed by the spring breezes. This is an image that summarizes the extraordinary characteristic of this place: a mountain that lives in every season. In winter, the "garden of Europe", admired by all in other seasons for its prodigious blooms, turns into a paradise for ski and snow lovers. On Monte Baldo every season has an irresistible charm and offers a continuous invitation to experience the mountains in all its different and unpredictable variations.

The Monte Baldo stands between the Adige river and Lake Garda in a strategic position that has made it at the same time the keeper of geological and prehistoric finds of rare interest, witness to the great events that have marked the history and an intact naturalistic oasis, Monte Baldo is a truly unique mountain. The climatic influence of the lake on the altitude allows the coexistence of many different natural environments, from the Mediterranean scrub to the pastures and rocks of the highest peaks, for this particularity Monte Baldo has earned the 'Garden of Europe', the real link between the Alps and the Mediterranean.

It is therefore the ideal place for the observation and study of many fauna and botanical species that are now rare to find elsewhere, but at the same time it lends itself to hosting hikers and enthusiasts capable of loving and respecting the enchantment of this environment. The particular geographical position allows you to enjoy an extraordinary panorama, suspended between earth and sky, from a natural terrace, easily accessible by cable car.

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