• Limone sul Garda ☀️ Lake Garda

Limone sul Garda ☀️ Lake Garda

Limone sul Garda ☀️ Lake Garda

What to see in Limone

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Famous for its lemon groves, extra virgin olive oil and the long life of its inhabitants, Limone sul Garda is a delightful village that lies on the shores of the Brescia coast.

You can see it almost immediately in its entirety, lying along the shore of Lake Garda with its houses leaning against the mountain that rise in a crescendo that then returns to reflect in the calm waters of its lake; the characteristic harbor with its moored boats and the boats that slowly make the same route, from one bank to the other.

Entering the historic center of Limone sul Garda one cannot fail to meet the church of San Rocco, a small gem located in the northern part of the town. You arrive from the lakeside of Limone by taking a steep uphill road and following the signs. This church was built as a gift from the citizens for having survived the plague that struck the village during the 16th century. After the World War, the building underwent renovations which brought to light the frescoes of the 1500s, in fact, some remains of the original ones can still be seen from the walls of the facade. The outside of the church is very humble and simple.

From its terrace you are breathless at the view that presents itself in front of you. It certainly offers one of the most characteristic views of Limone sul Garda, it is the right place to take wonderful photos.

Then there is the church of San Benedetto which was built in 1691 on the remains of a previous much older Romanesque church which was at that time a subsidiary of the parish of Tremosine sul Garda. Later it was freed from this bond and rebuilt because it was not sufficient to accommodate all the faithful.

There are three lemon houses that can be visited as real museums:

  • the Tesol lemon house;
  • the lemon house of Villa Boghi;
  • the lemon house of Castél.

They are real greenhouses that made the production of lemons and oranges easy, a production made even more favorable for the climate that distinguishes this area, which is mild even during the winter season. To better appreciate them it is advisable to reach them by boat, by boat, so as to enjoy all the details, which otherwise, from the road, can only be glimpsed.

In addition to the things to see in Limone sul Garda there are also many things to do. Those who have more time can enjoy the beaches and the clear water of Lake Garda. There are several accessible to all, such as the Grostol beach easy to reach since it is located right in the center of the town of Limone, especially suitable for families with children.

Then there is the Cola beach, made up of small pebbles where you can rent sun loungers and deck chairs to be more comfortable.

Near the Cola beach there is another one, the Fonte Torrente San Giovanni beach, suitable for beach volleyball lovers for its beautiful field and for various other water sports. There is in fact a surf school right on the beach.

Finally, the Tifù beach is suitable for those who want to practice sailing.

For bicycle lovers in Limone there is the Garda cycle path, an extraordinary cycle path that connects Limone sul Garda to the border with Trentino, with stretches that protrude directly into the lake. A dream come true for all lovers of two wheels who can enjoy the sensation of pedaling suspended on the lake, but also for pedestrians and for anyone who loves nature.

What to see in Limone sul Garda

  • Limone sul Garda historic center
  • Lakeside
  • Castél lemon house
  • Wedding Villa Boghi
  • San Rocco Church
  • Church of San Benedetto
  • St. Peter's Church
  • Tourism Museum
  • Oil exhibition
  • Beaches of Limone
  • Limone sul Garda cycle path

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