• The Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum

The Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum

The Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum

The Museo delle Palafitte del Lago di Ledro, theater of the history of 400 years ago.

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The Palafitte Museum of Lake Ledro, 4.000 years ago

The Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum was born in the 70s and is today the territorial seat of the MUSE - Science Museum and through reconstructions and original remains, it accompanies the visitor inside what was the daily life of a Bronze Age pile-dwelling village (2,200 - 1350 BC) discovered on the eastern shore from Lake Ledro at the end of the 1920s. The site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.

The remains of the Palafitte di Ledro saw the sun again in the autumn of 1929, following a lowering of the lake level caused by the works of the hydroelectric plant under construction in Riva del Garda.
Thus it was that on the southern shore of the lake, an expanse of over ten thousand poles and many finds emerged, among which the remains of a wooden canoe stand out; it thus became one of the largest prehistoric stations discovered up to then in Italy, as well as one of the most important, still today, in Europe.
Thanks to a major investment by the Autonomous Province of Trento, in 2019 the museum and its building were completely renovated, confirming the local government's attention to culture, heritage and history in every area of ​​the Trentino region.

The history of human settlement in Valle di Ledro goes back thousands of years. Already 4,000 years ago, during the Bronze Age, the shores of Lake Ledro housed a pile-dwelling village.
The Museum and the village recreate the atmosphere of the pile-dwelling settlement of Lake Ledro and make the visitor relive the life of our ancestors.

The Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum

The Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum is the beating heart of ReLED, the museum network of the Valle di Ledro. Furthermore, it is part of the territorial network to which MUSE, the Trento Science Museum, belongs.
The structure of the museum dates back to the 70s, initially a simple container of finds, over time it has been transformed into a real museum center, presenting itself as a true showcase of space and time, in constant dialogue with the outside.
The exhibition activity was immediately accompanied by archaeological research, and starting from the 1990s, teaching and the summer activities program were added.

The Village of the Pile-dwelling of Lake Ledro

Saba, the wise shaman, Bacmor, the brave warrior, Massangla, the sweet girl, and Otzi, the unknown traveler, are the inhabitants of the pile-dwelling village on the shores of Lake Ledro.
To the shaman's hut, a true symbol of Lake Ledro, three other huts have been added since 2006, that of the village chief, that of the artisans and that of hunters, fishermen and farmers. After 4,000 years, the ancient stilts of Lake Ledro have come back to life.
The village has the function of recontextualizing the finds contained within the museum, to help the visitor get a more concrete idea of ​​what life was like in prehistoric times. The village also acts as a backdrop for the summer activities and didactic work that is carried out throughout the year.

The Summer Activities of the Museum

In the hot months of July and August, the calendar of the Lake Ledro Pile-dwelling Museum is full of activities and initiatives for children, teenagers, adults and families.
Shows, concerts, experimental and imitative archeology workshops, Living prehistory® events, prehistoric games and snacks make up the Palafittando® program.
The Palafittiadi®, Olympics of prehistory, kicked off the prehistoric summer in 2006.

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