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Bardolino☀️ what to see, info, beaches

Bardolino☀️ what to see, info, beaches

Bardolino, an enchanted village on Lake Garda. What to see in Bardolino - Discover the most beautiful beaches of Bardolino and Cisano.

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If you are looking for a "new" and less known place among the towns on Lake Garda, then this village can become an interesting discovery. Because Bardolino is less famous than the renowned Sirmione or Riva del Garda, but certainly just as fascinating and attractive.

It is located on the Venetian shore of the lake, in an area between the mouth of two small streams; two sandy points that make its enviable position a suggestive panorama for those who are visiting the Benaco. And besides the lakefront, everything to go through, what to see in Bardolino?

Traces of the past

There are many places to see in Bardolino, as well as in the surrounding area, but immediately entering the town from the south, you walk along the recently renovated lakefront. It runs for a very long stretch of the lake area, on a walk with a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to admire a romantic and enchanting sunset, especially during the winter season.

Entering the heart of the town, you can admire the historic buildings, including religious and historical ones, which take you back to the past of this Lombard outpost on Lake Garda. If the most ancient traces of life are even the stilts of the lower Lake Garda (there are remains of them in the hamlet of Cisano), Bardolino was a lively center also in the ancient Roman period and, above all, in the Lombard and Carolingian period, in which all the Veronese shore became an important territory.

Among the historic buildings there are also the ancient walls, dating back to the 12th century, which house in the path of the splendid nineteenth-century villas, including Villa Carrara Bottagisio with a large park on Lake Garda, Villa Marzan and Villa Guerrieri Rizzardi built on an ancient fort.

The historic center: churches and alleys

The church of San Severo welcomes visitors right at the entrance to Bardolino: built in the 9th century, today it looks like a Romanesque stone church, with a crypt. Inside, the environment inspires meditation, and you can admire the medieval frescoes of the Veronese school, painted between the 12th and 13th centuries with scenes from the life of Christ and the Madonna, depictions of battles and the Apocalypse.

In the historic center of Bardolino there is also the large parish church of Saints Nicolò and Severo, with a neoclassical facade that dominates the central square, Piazza Matteotti, which on the opposite side opens onto the lakefront.

Alleys and alleys unwind from this area, and give the center of Bardolino a joyful Venetian atmosphere; the houses were once fishermen's houses, and were built in a herringbone pattern, one after the other, up to the heart of Bardolino. The center today is full of commercial activities, and in summer there is no shortage of outdoor seats to admire the view in comfort; at the gates of winter, however, Bardolino is filled with interesting Christmas markets.

Spas and beaches

Thanks to the attraction of the lakefront, the idea of ​​visiting the beaches of Bardolino sul Garda certainly comes up. You will find them well equipped, close to the center, both with the free beach mode as in Punta Cornicello, and as establishments between the lakeside promenades, as for the Lido di Cisano and Lido Mirabello.

Beaches of Bardolino and Cisano:

Lido Mirabello Beach (Bardolino) - go to the beach
Lido Holiday Beach (Bardolino) - go to the beach
Passeggiata Rivalunga (Bardolino) - go to the beach

Spiaggia ai Cipressi (Cisano) - go to the beach
Spiaggia Lido Di Cisano (Cisano) - go to the beach
Spiaggia Cisano (Cisano) - go to the beach

Bardolino is also very popular for its thermal baths, gushing from the source of low mineral content water that comes from uncontaminated Monte Baldo. Bardolino thermal water is suitable for hydroponic therapies, in which the intake of mineral waters is required, for kidney and liver purification treatments and for hydrotherapy with packs, baths and exercises in water.

Olive Oil Museum and Wine Museum

On Lake Garda you will also find these structures, and among the things to see near Bardolino a visit to the Olive Oil Museum is more than interesting. A good 9 rooms await you where the history of olive tree cultivation on Lake Garda and the processing of olives is explained, in a historical and didactic way. At the museum set up in the Cisano oil mill it is possible to visit the room of the oil lamps, the room of the lever press, the room of the cruets, the room of the iron presses, the room of the water traction wheel, the room of the boilers and jars, and finally the Oliario with an attached sales point.

The Wine Museum, on the other hand, is set up in the Zeni Winery in Costabella di Bardolino, overlooking the Garda. Here too we start from an exhibition dedicated to the cultivation of the vine, to arrive at the sectors dedicated to the activities of transformation of grapes into wine, the ancient work tools and the final winemaking productions - there is also a wine shop for tastings of wines, grappas and vinegars!

Alternatively you can find several wineries that will allow you to spend hours in the company of red and white wines, in an exclusive tasting accompanied by local products. A 360 ° experience to get to know Lake Garda also from a culinary point of view.

Bardolino: What to see and activities with family and children

There are many families who spend pleasant afternoons at the beautiful Bardolino, some of the activities we recommend are:
A pleasant walk along the lakefront of Bardolino, from where you can observe Lake Garda, you can also climb the Ferris wheel of Bardolino, from which admire a splendid view of Bardolino and the lake.
For bicycle lovers, it is possible to take a cycle path already from Lazise and which, passing through Bardolino, ends in Garda.
As soon as you arrive in Bardolino, coming from Lazise, ​​you will find the Minigolf Bardolino. In addition to the aforementioned minigolf (suitable for all ages), you will find other attractions such as: trampolines, inflatable slides and mini club for the most small.

What to see in autumn and winter in Bardolino

During the autumn-winter months, Bardolino is nevertheless full of activities and places to visit:
among the various activities, the historic center of Bardolino is certainly noteworthy. Bardolino and its lakefront, to which we strongly recommend you to pay a visit.
Furthermore, during the low season, there is a smaller influx of tourists and consequently the visit to the historic center will certainly be less chaotic and more relaxing.
Speaking of the historic center, we also invite you to visit the church of San Severo, a structure built in the 11th century, of which you could see the external apses already passing along the main road of the town.
If you are wine lovers or simply curious about the subject, a mention goes clearly to the Wine Museum, which can be visited inside the Cantina F.lli Zeni where you can discover the local history (where wine plays a major role), and much more.

Close in Bardolino

From the marina it is possible to take the navigation service on Lake Garda and make some excursions by ferry. In half a day, or taking a whole day depending on the itinerary, with the Navigarda boats you can reach other nearby Benaco tourist locations, including Sirmione or the Villa del Vittoriale.

Private boat services are also available, with which to make a complete boat tour on Lake Garda.

For those who love cycling, however, there is no real cycle path but it is very common to cycle along the lakefront, reaching the nearby towns of Lazise or Peschiera del Garda.

Nearby there are also naturist resorts such as Punta San Vigilio, one of the most beautiful areas to see in Bardolino, with a characteristic marina and the ancient church of San Vigilio; a site where you can enjoy a romantic and unforgettable panorama.

To the north, not too far from Bardolino, there is also the Rocca di Garda, reachable via a path that, from the church of San Pietro, climbs to the heights of this promontory; from which you can admire a spectacular view of Lake Garda and Bardolino. For those who want to continue, you can get to the famous Hermitage of the Camaldolese friars of Monte San Giorgio, a structure that has also incorporated the ancient Monastery of San Colombano (9th century).

Bardolino (video):

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