• Baia delle Sirene Park ☀️ Lake Garda

Baia delle Sirene Park ☀️ Lake Garda

Baia delle Sirene Park ☀️ Lake Garda

Baia delle Sirene Park, a splendid beach on Lake Garda a stone's throw from Punta San Vigilio.

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Baia delle Sirene Park

The beach Baia delle Sirene is located in Garda , a town on Lake Garda located on the Veronese side.
The magnificent beach can be reached through a beautiful walk in the park of the same name.
However, it is not possible to reach the beach directly by walking along the lakefront of Garda, because at a certain point the small strip of beach disappears and only rocks are encountered.
You arrive at a point where you meet a ladder that leads to Punta San Vigilio and after a hundred meters to Baia delle Sirene.
The Baia delle Sirene beach is subject to a fee and the entrance ticket also includes parking, the rental of sun loungers, umbrellas and deck chairs.
Customers of the Baia delle Sirene will also have at their disposal cabins, showers, mini club, children's play area, bar, restaurant. For those wishing to take advantage of it, picnic areas are available inside the Baia delle Sirene Park.

Prices and Hours of the Baia delle Sirene Park

This beach is well known and popular in the summer months, while in the low season towards the late afternoon it is possible to have free access to the beach. The Baia delle Sirene park is open from 10 May to 25 September every day from 09.30 to 18.00.
After the cash desks close, access to the beach is free, the ideal time to enjoy a magnificent sunset over Lake Garda and enjoy an aperitif in a fabulous place.
Reduced rates are offered for younger children or for short visits.

Baia delle Sirene Park (video):

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