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Punta San Vigilio ❤️ the Portofino of Lake Garda (what to see, info, beaches)

Punta San Vigilio ❤️ the Portofino of Lake Garda (what to see, info, beaches)

Garda: what to see in Punta San Vigilio, Portofino of Lake Garda.

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Punta San Vigilio

A fascinating and magical peninsula, which has been considered an exclusive place since the time when an inn was built there, one of the oldest hotels in Italy, which saw illustrious personalities as guests. Since the Renaissance it has hosted names such as Pietro Aretino, Napoleon, Tsar Alexander II, Prince Charles of England, Winston Churchill, the King of Naples and even the director Laurence Olivier.

Today, however, Punta San Vigilio is a place of great romanticism and atmosphere, it is part of the municipality of Garda (Verona) but it is not a public place, let's see why.

The peninsula on eastern Garda, absolutely not to be missed

Considered the Portofino of Lake Garda for its refinement and frequentation, Punta San Vigilio is a privately owned place of the Guarienti di Brenzone family.

Both the peninsula and the Baia delle Sirene (nearby) are part of the Guarienti heritage, but accessible for passage and, in the case of the Bay, you can enjoy the beach through a paid “ticket”.

The sunset from this strip of land is fabulous, and here is a truly recommended walk for those who love romantic landscapes and want to discover a unique scenery on Lake Garda. Already Goethe in 1787 century praised this place, which excites at every visit, writing "How I wish my friends were for a moment next to me and could enjoy the view that is in front of me!" praising Punta San Vigilio as a "wonder of nature, an enchanting spectacle".

What to see in Punta San Vigilio

Villa Guarienti

First of all there is the aforementioned walk that passes through a long avenue of cypresses and which allows you to reach the nearby Villa Guarienti, built by the Renaissance architect Michele Sanmicheli. Whoever built it was a lover of peace and beauty and adopted the motto "Beatus ille qui procul negotii" (blessed is he who removes material concerns): it was Agostino Brenzone, a humanist and philosopher, who composed the treatise "On the solitary life ".

Villa Guarienti is a sixteenth-century villa that houses a small church and an Italian garden. Attached to the villa there is also a building with a double loggia overlooking the lake, used as a hotel with the adjacent structures that are part of a four-star restaurant and the famous inn. The villa is mirrored in the Garda, and becomes a suggestive ideal location for organizing events and parties, including weddings.

The small port of Punta San Vigilio

For those who love marinas on Lake Garda, this is not to be missed, as it has a nice entrance arch with a plaque in which this place is defined as a place to leave business and worries to the city. From here, you can admire the scenery represented by the lake and the mountain that overlooks it in front, with the Rocca di Manerba and the Gulf of Salò as protagonists. Furthermore, from the small port, you can reach the Stella rock where the view is considered as unique.

The Inn

On a tourist level, Punta San Vigilio is famous for its ancient inn, where you can stop at the wine bar and drink while admiring the landscape.

The inn offers 12 rooms overlooking the lake, and from which you can access the spectacular park of lemon and olive trees. There is also a relaxation area surrounded by greenery, with a swimming pool. The annexed Baia delle Sirene is instead considered a bathing center open to the public - as we have seen, with a ticket.

Punta San Vigilio beach

For those who want to dive or sunbathe in this location, one of the most beautiful on Lake Garda, the beaches to choose from are the Baia delle Sirene and the Naturist Beach.

How to reach Punta San Vigilio

You can start from Garda and get there with a lakeside walk, but you can also easily reach it by bike or by car. The walk takes about 3 kilometers, and has some unpaved sections.

The most suggestive journey is to get to Punta San Vigilio by boat from Lake Garda, and in particular in the early morning, when there is no excessive crowding. There are several tours that depart from Sirmione and then reach Punta San Vigilio and stop for an aperitif before lunch, or to stop and visit the town.

To get to Punta San Vigilio by car you can take the SR249 Garda road and follow the sign indicating Villa Guarienti and Baia delle Sirene.

Once you arrive, the parking lots are subject to charges except for those who enter the Baia delle Sirene whose ticket includes the parking.

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