• Soave, between vineyards and castles

Soave, between vineyards and castles

Soave, between vineyards and castles

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Soave is a town in the province of Verona. It is not clear whether it was the town that gave the name to its famous wine, or the wine that gave the village its name. Legend has it that Dante Alighieri, a guest for a banquet at the Scaligero castle, even gave the town the name "Soave" by virtue of its delicious wine. More likely that the name of Soave derives from the distortion of the name of the Swabian tribes who settled here, following King Alboin.

The Scaligero Castle is the main attraction of the area. It is likely that the castle was built on an ancient fortress of Roman origin. The first document that testifies to its existence dates back to 934, when fortifications were needed to protect the inhabited centers from invasions by the populations of Eastern Europe. It is a medieval construction that dominates the plain below from the slopes of Monte Tenda. The keep, twenty-four towers and the walls that run around it belong to the castle, forming three courtyards at different levels and which finally embrace the village.

The walls were built in 1369 by the will of Cansignorio della Scala and collect within them the historic core of Soave. For the west and south sides) the walls are accompanied by the natural moat formed by the Tramigna stream. The historic buildings Soave, enclosed in the fortified walls, opens to the world through four ancient gates. Also worth seeing are the fourteenth-century Palazzo di Giustizia which stands in Piazza Antenna, the Palazzo Cavalli, erected in 1411 by the Captain of Soave, Nicolò Cavalli. Around Soave the landscape is enchanting, made up of hills covered with vineyards and small villages. The plateau is characterized by karst phenomena and fossil deposits that testify to its marine origin. Behind the village there are the Lessini mountains, while downstream the course of the Adige river, with its bends.

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