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The Giusti garden and palace

The Giusti garden and palace

An enchanting place between History and Nature in Verona

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Verona, the picturesque city of love and the Shakespearean drama of "Romeo and Juliet," is renowned not only for its romantic charm but also for its rich historical and cultural heritage. One of Verona's hidden treasures is the Giusti Garden and the Giusti Palace, an architectural and landscaped complex that captures the essence of the Renaissance art and natural beauty.

The Giusti Garden: A Renaissance Oasis

The Giusti Garden is an architectural and natural wonder that unfolds like an open book, narrating the history and beauty of Renaissance art. Created in the 16th century by the Giusti family, this Italian-style garden is a green jewel that enchants visitors with its intricate design and unique atmosphere, rich in surprising elements that make it a captivating place.
As you stroll among its green hedges, the labyrinth presents itself as an intriguing challenge, inviting you to find your way. The grand and majestic panoramic staircase offers a spectacular view of Verona and the surrounding hills, a true feast for the eyes.
The Giusti Garden is a living work of art, enriched with statues and fountains depicting ancient mythological stories. Walking through it makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale world, where history and nature blend into a harmonious symphony. Spread over three levels, the first, lower level is meticulously designed like a classic Italian garden with geometries and order, while a second vertical part is more free and "wild," filled with the "surprises" that awaited visitors. Finally, a third level at the highest point, reachable only through a spiral staircase inside a tower, offers an enchanting panoramic view.
The entire garden alternates between order and "disorder," with elements that soothe and others that surprise.
In the garden, right at the top of its central path, you'll also find a suggestive Mascherone-belvedere. Official sources do not confirm it, but it is said that smoke and fire were emitted from the mascherone's mouth to evoke awe and surprise in visitors.

The Giusti Palace: A Historic Residence

At the heart of the Giusti Garden lies the Giusti Palace, a historic residence that reveals further secrets of Verona's history. This building, also dating back to the Renaissance period, was initially used for the Giusti family's wool manufacturing business and was later transformed into the current palace, the Giusti family's residence until 1944. After the war, it was restored and now houses a precious collection of artworks, antique furniture, and furnishings. Visiting the Giusti Palace is like taking a journey back in time to discover aristocratic life in the past.

Distinguished Guests of the Giusti Family

Over the centuries, Giusti Garden and Giusti Palace have hosted distinguished guests, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: the renowned Austrian composer who visited the garden during his trip to Italy in 1769. Likewise, the German author Goethe, during his visit to Verona, wrote praises about the garden. The majestic cypress tree that Goethe narrated remained in the garden for centuries until a violent storm in the summer of 2020 unfortunately brought it down. Also, Cosimo III De Medici, the penultimate Grand Duke of Tuscany, Joseph II, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and others were guests of the Giusti family.

Visiting the Giusti Garden and Palace

The Giusti Garden and the Giusti Palace are open to the public from Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM (last entry at 6:00 PM).
Visitors can explore the garden, admire the landscaped architecture, stroll among the statues and fountains, and discover the art collection inside the palace. Before your visit, it is advisable to check the opening hours and ticket prices to ensure a pleasant and seamless visit.
In conclusion, the Giusti Garden and the Giusti Palace represent an extraordinary blend of history, art, and nature in Verona. These enchanting places invite visitors to immerse themselves in Renaissance beauty and enjoy a panoramic view of the city. For anyone looking to experience the enchantment of Renaissance Italy, this is an absolute must-see.

Official Website: giardinogiusti.com

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