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Saint Biagio Island ☀️ Lake Garda

Saint Biagio Island ☀️ Lake Garda

Discover the beauties of Saint Biagio Island (also known as Rabbit Island)

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The island of San Biagio , is located in Manerba del Garda , not far from Punta Belvedere , and an island known as Isola dei Conigli for the historical (and past) presence of these small and friendly animals.
Thanks to its unique landscape and vegetation, it is a very popular place for those who are on Garda and want to go on a boat trip.

How to reach Isola San Biagio

The islet is located on the Brescia side of Garda, and you can easily reach it being about 200 meters from the coast of Manerba del Garda , the starting point after parking near Porto Torchio. You can get to San Biagio by boat or by walking, when Lake Garda withdraws its waters.
The cost is 2.50 euros (one way) if you want to use the taxi boat service, located in Porto Torchio (Manerba). In the other expenses to be taken into consideration, there is certainly the 5 euro entrance which is valid as a "pass" for the whole day. The transport services to the San Biagio Island are active several times a day, and the ticket can be purchased directly in Porto Torchio.
If you already have a boat, you can land directly at the islet, but you will need to pay a ticket to park on the San Biagio pier.
The island opens every day at 9 am and after 6 pm it closes the entrance to the public and also the kiosk; it will therefore no longer be possible to access it in the evening as it is a private property of Camping San Biagio and there are time slots to respect.
the island can be visited from May to September. Always bearing in mind that weather conditions can change this period or limit visits on certain days.

When to reach Rabbit Island on foot

As already mentioned, the closest coast is only 200 meters away, and this is the distance to be covered "walking on the water": when the lake recedes, a part of the seabed becomes available that can be covered feet. In periods when the water is very low, it reaches just above the ankles, at most below the knees.
In April, the highest water levels are found, on average, and in the autumn period from September to November the lowest levels of Lake Garda. There are, of course, also cases of very strong exceptional or "lean" floods, with a minimum recorded historical level of even 15 cm!
The end of summer and the beginning of autumn would therefore seem the best times to walk on the water and reach the islet.

The Altar Rock and diving

The surroundings of San Biagio Island are often beaten by divers to reach places such as the Scoglio dell’Altare ; a rock on which, according to tradition, a mass was celebrated once a year for the fishermen of the area who remained on the boats.
Known today for the panoramic it gives to those who reach it, giving a splendid view of all the coasts of the lake , in a 360-degree perspective degrees.
Below the rock, there is a wall that reaches 150 meters deep, where there are two balconies of yellow sponges and a cave inhabited by fish - in particular eels, bleak, pike, tench, and royal perch. Due to this peculiarity, the wall under the Scoglio dell’Altare has become a very popular destination for divers from all over Italy.

What to do on Rabbit Island

Once on the island of San Biagio you can enjoy a landscape made up of green meadows, where you can sunbathe by renting sun loungers. Bushes, which in the summer are always in bloom. Cypresses, which give a particularly enchanting and relaxing atmosphere.
The island is well equipped: in fact, you will also find a bar corner with refreshing aperitifs and everything you need (you will obviously also find the toilets).
The Garda landscape from the Isola dei Conigli shows the marvelous Rocca di Manerba , with the lake that in this fringe has coves with clear waters in which to dive.
In addition, rabbits are still encountered today, no more numerous as in the past, which had threatened all the vegetation by proliferating. Those who remain, in any case, are now accustomed to the human presence and not at all afraid.
Perfect for those who love quiet, breezy places, rich in flora and fauna: the San Biagio island is nearby, the Garda within reach, the luxuriant vegetation, and certainly, for those who want a holiday on Lake Garda in contact with nature, this position is truly unique.

The Garda Island (video):

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