• Mantua, the city of art of the Gonzagas

Mantua, the city of art of the Gonzagas

Mantua, the city of art of the Gonzagas

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Mantua, city of art and culture

Mantua, a Unesco World Heritage city, is a unique city, where history and ancient art constantly interact with the modernity of creative languages ​​and cultural creations. Museums, monuments, good food, naturalistic excursions, cultural events, are just some of the reasons to visit Mantua and experience unique and unrepeatable emotions. Located in the center of the Po Valley, the city of Mantua has been surrounded by waters since its origins. Its first settlements probably developed already at the time of the Etruscans, in an area corresponding to the current Piazza Sordello. But it was the Gonzagas, starting from the fourteenth century, who gave a strong cultural and artistic impulse to the city, outlining its current urban and architectural structure. During the four centuries of reign, the lords of Mantua hosted at court the most illustrious artists of the time such as Leon Battista Alberti, Pisanello, Andrea Mantegna, Giulio Romano, Rubens and others, whose works still distinguish the city in all its splendor today.

Weekend in Mantua

Mantua is a city on a human scale, where distances are easily covered on foot with a pleasant walk in the historic center to reach the main sites of cultural interest. But to visit it, due to the richness and immensity of its cultural and monumental heritage, it is necessary to stop for two or three days. Only in this way will you immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of this city of Renaissance charm.

Naturalistic itineraries

Paths on foot, by bicycle and by boat to discover the natural environment that surrounds the city. Surrounded by the Mincio river, which swells to give life to three lakes, the city also enchants for its natural environment: swans, herons and seagulls mingle between the green of the reeds, the blue of the water and the summer flowering of lotus flowers creating unparalleled contrasts of sounds and colors. The river route is an area of ​​great naturalistic, historical, devotional and cultural interest, protected since 1984 by the establishment of the Mincio Park.

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