• Lake Tenno: a turquoise-colored wonder

Lake Tenno: a turquoise-colored wonder

Lake Tenno: a turquoise-colored wonder

What to see on Lake Tenno, the wonderful little lake near Riva del Garda.

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A mirror with an unforgettable color, here is Lake Tenno

What to do and see at Lake Tenno

This magnificent lake is not only a visual beauty, but also a serene place, in which to find peace, relaxation and tranquility. In fact, this natural Trentino jewel is suitable for picnics in the open air, in contact with nature. The Lake of Tenno is located on the slopes of Monte Misone at 570 meters above sea level
It is not a large lake, on the contrary its surface extends only for 0.22km² but is characterized by the strong overhang in the levels. For example, in autumn, following the rainy period, the lake level increases by 15 meters compared to the summer one.
In fact, its appearance changes considerably between summer and winter: during the summer the small island of the lake is accessible on foot, while in winter only the trees sprout from the lake.

The Lake of Tenno stands still in time, the surrounding landscape is devoid of buildings and is characterized by a dense forest. Adding the green of the forest to the white stones found on its seabed, this explains the reason why it has this extremely lively color.
The lake is not accessible by car and can be accessed via a long medieval staircase. The temperature of its waters, especially in the summer, make it perfectly suitable for bathing purposes as well. In addition to a nice swim, Lake Tenno offers a walk around its perimeter, about 2 km long and accessible in 45-60 minutes. For those wishing to continue the excursion, several paths depart from here in the direction of various shelters in the mountains surrounding the lake.

What to see around Lake Tenno

In the surroundings of Lake Tenno, there is the medieval village of Canale di Tenno. Here there is the opportunity to visit the Casa degli Artisti, dedicated to Giacomo Vittone and to participate in the Rustico Medioevo festival, an event held the first two weeks of August which offers historical re-enactments of the medieval life of village. Less than 10 minutes by car there is also the Tenno Castle, with a truly suggestive impact.
Furthermore, only 3 km as the crow flies from Lake Tenno, you can visit the Cascate del Varone, where the water coming from Lake Tenno, falls after almost 90 meters of free fall.

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