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Jungle Adventure Park

Jungle Adventure Park

Jungle Adventure Park: the San Zeno di Montagna adventure park.

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The Jungle Adventure Park in San Zeno di Montagna

The Jungle Adventure is located in San Zeno di Montagna, it was the first active park built in Italy by a an entirely French idea that combined Parkour with the nature of the forests. It is called an Active Park because the fun is not immediately passive by the user: it is physically experienced. This involves not only a physical commitment, but also a considerable dose of concentration and coordination. All this experience is lived in the open and pure air, for healthy fun from all points of view; consuming calories and thus eliminating the toxins that we accumulate in the city and at work. Obviously, a space dedicated to them has been created for the little ones.

The Paths

Green Path "Discovery" (from 8 years - minimum height 1.40 with raised arm)

This is the adaptation path with which you begin to become familiar with the Park. As you will understand that what you do is in absolute safety and after a while you will have a lot of fun without thinking about the height of the cableways. Passages in the nets, Tibetan bridges and Canadian ladders will take you to fast and adrenaline-pumping cableways. These are steel cables specially designed in their length to make you slide quickly at the beginning and decelerate at the end by inertia: however, you will understand this better only by trying.

Blue "Adventure" route (from 11 years - minimum height 1.60 with raised arm)

The Blue course is called the Adventure course because of the numerous suspended passages that recall the exploits of Indiana Jones, Tarzan, Lara Croft. With this path you can begin to savor the taste of being the protagonists of an episode of Tomb Raider in a thousand ups and downs. Hanging barrels, footbridge of the Andes, Tibetan Bridges are just some of the adventures you can face.

Red "Sensazione" route (minimum age 14 years)

The Red route is the most adrenaline-pumping and exciting route in the Park. Clearly more suitable for experts who have already become confident and familiar with the routes. The journey engages mind and body during the 20 exciting stages. All paths involve a waste of energy. This is a positive feature that turns active play into a healthy fitness day outdoors.

Black "Adrenalina" route (from 14 years)

The Black course is undoubtedly the most intense, exciting and fastest course in the park. A nice feeling to finish a full day of sport in the pure air of the Garda hills. Here then is an intense journey of ten fast and very long cableways interspersed with only two relaxing passages.

Timetables and Prices

The activity and the cost of the ticket include: safety equipment, briefing with simulation of aerial games, ground surveillance. Casual clothing and footwear are recommended.
In March the structure is open Saturday and Sunday, the other days the opening is by reservation.
From April to September : open every day; during the week the cash desk closes at 4.00 pm (closing at 5.30 pm). On the weekend the park opens at 10.00 and closes at 19.00.
In October open every weekend and other days by reservation.

For prices and reservations: Jungleadventurepark.com

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